Potomac State College’s Alumni Association to Participate in Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30

The Potomac State College Alumni Association will once again participate in Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021. 

The Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering the traditions and growth of WVU Potomac State College and the connectivity of its alumni. We strive to promote a lasting relationship among alumni, students, faculty, staff, administration, and friends of the College. The Alumni Association supports the College’s educational mission, preserves its heritage, promotes its advancement, and prepares for its future.

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Library staff at WVU Potomac State College seeking missing chapters from documented history

While overseeing a historical document preservation project with students at the Mary F. Shipper Library on the West Virginia University Potomac State College campus, Nick Gardner, who serves as a librarian, noticed that chapters were missing from a 1930s title, The History of the Potomac State School.

The book was created as a collective effort by freshmen composition students and supervised by Elizabeth Sexton during the 1935 spring semester. The book summarized the history of the Keyser and Mineral County areas, as well as the history of the school from its founding to the then-present era of the 1930s. Detailed information was included about the grounds and buildings, different academic departments and the extracurricular activities of students. Joseph Stayman, campus president at the time, provided access to his personal office files from which students drew much of their information, along with many primary sources housed in the student newspaper office and the library. The students also interviewed townspeople and former students to help fill in their research gaps. 

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College slated to remove black oak tree to enhance campus safety

WVU Potomac State College continually strives to enhance the environment whenever possible. These efforts include the effective management of urban trees across our campus including tree-planting and caring for existing trees. However, effective urban tree management also involves the removal of trees when they become a potential safety hazard to our campus community.

A case in point is the black oak tree on Campus Drive in front of Science Hall. The College has partnered with WVU’s Roads and Grounds Department from Morgantown to assess the health and potential safety risks of this tree that stands in a high pedestrian and vehicular traffic area on campus.  

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WVU Potomac State College-Community Concert Band to perform

The West Virginia University Potomac State College-Community Concert Band, under the direction of Brian Plitnik, PhD, will hold a free concert on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Church-McKee Arts Center Auditorium.

The Band, consisting of talented members of the campus and community, will perform the following selections: Gavorkna Fanfare by Jack Stamp; Canto by Francis McBeth; Shenandoah arranged by Claude Smith; Folksong Festival by Ryan Nowlin; Chorale and Alleluia by Howard Hanson; Marching Up Broadway arranged by Robert Lowden; A Toonful Tune by Rick DeJonge; and the Quarantiner March by Charles Whitehill.

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