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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Announcement

Students who drive to class are encouraged to consider safety first in making attendance decisions, and to notify the instructor if they judge conditions unsafe to drive when classes have not been canceled.

  Weather-related College closings are announced by:

Weather announcements will be made on the following media outlets:

WTBO/WKGO GO 106, Cumberland, MD
WCBC/WKZG Oldies 107, Cumberland, MD
WCMD, Cumberland, MD 
WFRB, Cumberland, MD
WKHJ, Oakland, MD
WELD, Fisher, WV
WQWV, Petersburg, WV
WV Public Radio, Charleston, WV
WAIJ/WLIC, Frostburg, MD
WDVM-TV Hagerstown, MD
WJAC-TV, Channel 6, Johnstown, PA