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Badenhoop, Jay

Chemistry Professor | Science Hall, Room 313/106

Jay Badenhoop


Education: Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison Courses Taught: CHEM 112 Survey of Chemistry II CHEM 115 Fundamentals of Chemistry I CHEM 233/235 Organic Chemistry I/Lab CHEM 234/236 Organic Chemistry II/Lab ASTR 106 Descriptive Astronomy University Service: Academic Advisor Faculty Advisor Circle K Club Coordinator Regional High School Science Fair Co-Chair Student Conduct Board Member of Curriculum Committee Connections Committee Assessment Council Publications: Casey R. Watts and J. K. Badenhoop, “Steric and Hyperconjugative Contributions to Rotation Barriers in B2L4 (L = F, OH, NH2, CH3, H),” Journal of Chemical Physics, Sept. 9, 2008 (online)/Sept. 28, 2008 (print); CHEM 235 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manual.; CHEM 236 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory Manual. Research Interests: Computational Chemistry: Natural Bond Orbital Analysis, Natural Steric Energy Analysis. Conference Proceedings/Presentation: Presentations to the local community (last 5 years): “Energy and Clean Coal Technology”, “Alchemy”, “CFC’s and the Ozone Layer”, “How to Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill”, “Back to the Moon”, “Biodegradable Plastic”, “The History and Chemistry of Fireworks”, “Alternative Energy”.

Fun Fact: Kiwanis Club Vice President; write articles about media science fiction for fan clubs; collect rare series and movies on DVD.