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Olivia Canoy Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

Olivia Canoy Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

Criminal Justice Major Olivia Canoy (center) is pictured at the State Capitol with West Virginia University Potomac State College President Jennifer Orlikoff, and Delegate Danny Hamrick, for whom she will is interning this semester during the WV Legislative session.

Olivia Canoy, a senior criminal justice major at West Virginia University Potomac State College, was recently awarded the prestigious Judith A. Herndon Legislative Fellowship.  Canoy is spending the 2019 spring semester in Charleston, W.Va. interning for Delegate Danny Hamrick during the West Virginia Legislative session.  Only 10 students in the state were chosen to receive the award. 

“I’m so thrilled to have been chosen for this esteemed fellowship, and for the privilege of obtaining a front-row learning experience about our legislative system and how it works,” said Canoy, a resident of Grant County, W.Va. and the daughter of Donica Canoy and Chadwick Canoy.    

While interning for Delegate Hamrick, Canoy will learn the legislative process and practical applications while developing an understanding of the role and function of legislative committees, constitutional restraints, and constituent services, as well as executive/legislative liaison and relationships.  She will also develop a broad understanding of the budgetary process with an emphasis on the legilative role in budget enactment and oversight functions pertaining to the operation of the executive branch. 

Since Delegate Hamrick is chair of the House Education Committee, Canoy stated that she’s excited to be researching, drafting and editing upcoming bills being presented by that committee.  “Sitting-in on floor sessions and committee meetings is like watching history being made,” stated Canoy, who will also have the opportunity to work with a specific department during the final month of her internship. 

“I’m confident that the knowledge I’ve obtained from my professors at Potomac State has prepared me for this internship and what I’ve accomplished so far,” acknowledged Canoy.  “From the in-depth classes and availability of my professors, to their support and encouragement when things got tough, I’ve been able to achieve academically and reach goals that I never thought possible.”   

The Judith A. Herndon Legislative Fellowships are very competitive statewide.  After being nominated, applicants must complete an application which is then forwarded to the Legislative Intern Committee.  Only the most outstanding applicants are selected for an interview with the Intern Committee, and only a small number are selected each year.