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Win prizes if you verify your COVID-19 vaccine today

If you’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please take the time to verify your vaccinations with the University. 

The verification process takes you less than three minutes, and all you need is the information from your vaccine card. 

By doing so, we will better understand how protected WVU students, faculty and staff are from the spread of infection for the coming school year. 

Those who have been vaccinated and verified their information will only have to wear a mask on WVU transportation through Sept. 13 and will not have to participate in random testing and quarantine procedures. 

If you have yet to be vaccinated, you have until Aug. 1 to receive your single dose of Johnson & Johnson or two doses of either Moderna or Pfizer to be considered fully vaccinated. 

If you’ve already verified your vaccine with us, thank you! You can disregard this email.   

Verify your vaccine. 

Everyone who has verified their vaccine status will be automatically entered to win a variety of new incentives throughout July. Some of the incentives include, but are not limited to: 

·      Free Chick-fil-A   

·      Free Starbucks   

·      Free meal plans, Mountie Bounty and Dining Dollars

·      Adventure WV trips

·      Guaranteed football or basketball student season tickets

·      Free textbooks for a semester

·      Barnes & Noble shopping spree

·      $500 deposit into a student organization of choice

·      Dinner for 6 with President Gordon Gee at Blaney House

·      Additional WVU prize packs

More details on these incentives will be shared in the next few weeks. Giveaways will begin on Thursday, July 1 and run through Sunday, Aug. 1.  

Get vaccinated today! 

If we reach a 70% vaccination verification rate by Aug. 1, the University is committed to holding a large concert like FallFest at some point this academic year. To get us there, you first have to be vaccinated. Find a vaccine near you.  

Have questions for a medical expert about the COVID-19 vaccine? Call WVU Medicine Student Health at 304-285-7200 or email us at