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Keyser Campus students complete mental health training

Holly Williams, Kayla Veach, and Sarah Hott

To better serve others who are struggling with mental health issues, three senior nursing students at the West Virginia University School of Nursing Keyser Campus recently completed Kognito Mental Health Training.

Holly Williams, Kayla Veach, and Sarah Hott, who are working toward their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), completed the online, interactive training. The evidence-based program helps build awareness, knowledge, skills and confidence when talking about mental health issues, so trainees can be prepared to be a resource when someone is in need.

“This is a worthwhile initiative, not just as a training opportunity for our students, but to bring awareness to the mental health crisis we are facing,” said April Shapiro, Keyser Campus Chair.

Michelle House, Keyer’s on-campus behavioral health therapist, awarded the students green bandanas for their completion of the training. The Green Bandana Initiative is a mental health awareness and training campaign aimed at encouraging students at West Virginia's colleges and universities to receive peer-level mental health training and at bringing about increased awareness of the importance of mental health.

When a student completes the training, they receive a green bandana, which can be used to signify to other students that they have been trained and can offer assistance.