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  • Timothy Reidell receives Catamounts Climb Higher award at WVU Potomac State College

Timothy Reidell receives Catamounts Climb Higher award at WVU Potomac State College

Timothy Reidell holds a blue flag with the phrase "Climb Higher" next to campus president Chris Gilmer, Ph.D.

Timothy Reidell (left), a sophomore honors student majoring in criminology from Shinnston, W.Va., was recently chosen as the October 2022 Catamounts Climb Higher award recipient at West Virginia University Potomac State College. He is pictured with Interim Campus President Chris Gilmer.

Some people might think that being homeschooled can place students at a disadvantage, but not the Catamount’s Climb Higher award recipient for October, Timothy Reidell, he believes that challenges are merely obstacles to overcome, which he has done since becoming a student at West Virginia University Potomac State College.

“Being homeschooled may have placed me at a slight disadvantage because I'm not used to classrooms and the entire structure of public education, and although that has been a challenge and still is sometimes, I find it an exciting challenge I’m willing to conquer, “ Reidell said.

Reidell, a criminology major from Shinnston, W.Va., is involved with the Black Student Alliance, Student Government Association, Baptist Community Ministries, and serves as secretary of the Film Club.

He has spent some of his time outside of the classroom volunteering with the BSA at Helping Hands in Keyser and helped with the Suicide Awareness Paint Night earlier this semester.

Reidell credits faculty, staff, friends, and family with helping him succeed academically, professionally and in his personal life. “These people have shown that they care about me, and it is a blessing to have them in my life. They push me to do better,” Reidell said.

When pressed for a specific faculty or staff member who has been a mentor to him, he added, “Shannon Meek is the first person who comes to my mind because she genuinely cares about me and everyone else. She will go the extra mile to help you with your needs and check up on you to ensure you are doing alright.”

When asked what experiences he would like to share with incoming students, Reidell thoughtfully answered, “Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you are struggling with a class, mental health or anything else, there is most likely a resource out there, and getting help shows that you’re a strong enough person to ask for it when needed.”