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A Message from Interim Campus President Chris Gilmer: Let your love for PSC as a student bring you back as alumni

President Gilmer with members of Alumni Board

Interim Campus President Chris Gilmer attended the Alumni Association’s July meeting on campus giving him the opportunity to meet many of its board members. Pictured from left: John Bord; Batson Sheets; Patty Sites; Dinah Courrier; Pam Wilkinson, board president; President Gilmer; Sabrina Cave; and Jay Courrier Jr. Attending the meeting on site but not pictured was John Wilkinson, board treasurer.

I am an alumnus of three colleges, East Central Junior College, Mississippi College, and twice a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Some of the happiest and most formative days of my life were spent on these campuses acquiring knowledge, growing into adulthood, exploring diverse points of view, meeting lifelong friends, making mistakes and trying again. Those kinds of moments cause the people experiencing them to form deep and lasting attachments to their alma mater.

Many of us continue to reach back to support the institutions of higher learning which formed us by providing financial support, volunteerism and leadership of alumni programs. In my short time at WVU Potomac State College, I have found a similar level of engagement and commitment from our fantastic alumni association.

I commend their leadership for the very informative alumni survey recently conducted -- the first of its kind in many years. The survey will help the Alumni Association and the administration of WVU PSC to better understand what we are doing well and what we might do even better related to alumni engagement. We hope in the coming months and years you will see an administration which revitalizes and respects the sense of history informing the present and future which only a strong and appreciated alumni base can provide.

I enjoyed taking part in the association’s recent board meeting as a learner, and I left that day with amazement for all that has been accomplished by this group over many years and renewed hope for what is to come.

During Homecoming 2022 and at every other opportunity, I look forward to meeting and learning from our dedicated alumni and to living up to the promise I make you today: you are the rock on which this great college was built, and with your support and leadership, we will nurture a vibrant garden around that foundation stone.