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Alumna SeVohn Hunter Is a Busy WVU Student

SeVohn Hunter

Hi! I’m SeVohn Hunter and I am a senior at West Virginia University. However, before moving to WVU’s Morgantown campus this past June, I attended Potomac State College for two years.

I decided to attend the Keyser campus after high school because I thought it would be a good way to transition into college and still be somewhat close to home, which was 90 miles away in Martinsburg, W.Va. It turned out that this was a very good decision because my time and experiences at Potomac State College have enabled me to have a thriving career at WVU.

While on the Keyser campus, I worked as a student ambassador with Enrollment Services where I had the opportunity to speak and connect with prospective students during campus events. I also worked at the local Sheetz convenience store. I served as editor of the Pasquino, the student newspaper. I was speaker of the house for the Student Government Association and vice president of the Sigma Phi Omega honor society. While doing all of this, I was still able to manage my class load and ended up on the President’s List for all four semesters.

I moved to Morgantown in June and I have had an abundance of opportunities since then. First, I received a summer internship at The Daily Athenaeum as a social media specialist for Prospect and Price Creative, a creative services firm that works with local small businesses and campus partners in need of ad agency work.

At summer’s end, The DA hired me as a podcast editor where I continue to work. (Please see below for a link to my podcasts if you’re interested in listening.)  I also serve as a videographer for the Eberly College Office of Communications and as a multimedia intern for Your Community Foundation. Additionally, I served as podcast manager and now executive director of public relations for Martin Hall Agency and I represent my college in the Student Government Association as college senator of the Reed College of Media. I’m also happy to report that I just received the honor of being named a 2020 Stickell Honors Intern and will be spending the upcoming summer interning at Leo Burnett, a globally active advertising agency, in Chicago, Ill.

As far as my studies are concerned, I have been accepted into a program offered by the Reed College of Media that allows me to take graduate-level classes while also completing my undergraduate degree simultaneously. Since I was already ahead of schedule with my undergraduate studies, this means I will be obtaining my bachelor’s degree in advertising and my master’s degree in journalism in a total of four years.

Obviously, it’s been a pretty busy semester. However, I somehow managed to earn a 4.0 during my first semester at WVU while juggling all my other responsibilities. Overall, this has been such a great experience for me, and I cannot thank Potomac State College enough for the fundamental skills it taught me my first two years in a small-college atmosphere. I hope that one day I can return to PSC and share my insights with students who have the same dreams I do.