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Class of 2020 Makes History with College’s First Virtual Commencement

A Message from President Orlikoff Announcing a Virtual Spring Commencement

Dear PSC Class of 2020, 

As you heard from President Gee today, WVU and its divisional campuses will be adjusting their May graduation ceremonies in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. I am as disappointed as you are that we are having to take this difficult precautionary measure, however, my goal is to keep us all safe and healthy. In place of the face-to-face ceremony, we will be conducting a virtual one on May 9 that will help all of us, your family, and friends, celebrate with you and commemorate your great accomplishments and successes!

Undoubtedly, you are experiencing a wide range of emotions at this time, from sorrow that this last semester has evolved into a remote togetherness through technology, to excitement that you are nearing the end of your studies and preparing for the next phase of your life. 

We are all so proud of you and all that you have accomplished while you have been with us on our campus. You are strong, passionate and remarkable for your resilience. 

This experience will be just one of many that will shape you throughout your life. Though the time we find ourselves in is one of the most challenging our nation has ever faced, we know that our campus, our state and our nation will come together again – stronger and more resilient than ever before. 

So, continue to pursue your studies with fervor. Lean on the friends and family who have always supported you when you get stressed or overwhelmed. Have patience with each other. And know that we will get through this. 

You are all welcome, our PSC Class of 2020, to participate and walk in our May 2021 ceremony. We will hold a special place for you in our program and recognize you for your perseverance in having come through such challenging times. We will celebrate your achievements, now and in the future. We will honor you – a graduate of West Virginia University Potomac State College.