Message from Chris Gilmer, PSC Campus President

Chris Gilmer Portrait
Greetings, Alumni and Friends of Our Wonderful College,

It has been a rainy couple of weeks at WVU Potomac State College, and I am glad. Our beautiful flowers and our green grass have been thirsty, and the crops we grow on our farms have been much in need of water. Rain is one of the primary ingredients which causes our plants to grow and replenish the earth. Lately, I have been thinking about how rain is also a metaphor for what this administration is working hard to accomplish with and for WVU Potomac State College.

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Greetings from the PSC Alumni Association President

Pam Wilkinson Headshot
Dear Alumni,

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. In May I had the honor of participating in Commencement for the Class of 2023 and welcoming our graduating alumni. While we are so very proud of our graduates, I think it is important to mention that graduation is not a requirement to be an alumnus. Our Catamount alumni comprise a much larger group than just those who graduated.

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Alumni Spotlight - John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson Headshot

John Wilkinson recalls WVU Potomac State College fondly. He graduated in 1978 from PSC and remains connected to the campus to this day. “The campus was a perfect fit for me. It was about the same size as my high school, and I thought the transition to PSC would be a positive experience for this reason. I felt that going straight to the Morgantown campus might be too overwhelming. My dad attended PSC from 1933-1934 which is how I knew about the campus,” John shared.

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Alumni Awards Nominations Deadline Approaches

Each year at homecoming, the WVU Potomac State College Alumni Association proudly presents three alumni awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of those who have earned distinction in their chosen field. Nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, August 15, for consideration for the 2023 Awards Banquet.

Your help is needed in recognizing the exceptional achievements of our alumni by submitting a nomination(s) for the following 2023 awards. (Please note: For consideration, an individual who successfully completed one class at PSC is considered an alumnus.)

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Alumni Mentorship Program

We heard you! When the PSC Alumni Association received the results from the Engagement Survey last year, by far the most requested item was to mentor and help students. The board has been diligently working in partnership with the College to develop the WVU PSC Alumni Mentorship Program.

This program is designed to help students gain expertise while building their professional networks. The students will be teamed up with an alumni mentor, who will share their knowledge and experience in areas such as career goals, networking, educational planning, confidence and morale building, and study and time management.

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2023 Commencement

Graduates recently walked across the stage at the Church-McKee Arts Center to receive their diplomas during the WVU Potomac State College 120th Commencement Ceremony held on Saturday, May 6. Their family, friends, faculty, and staff offered cheers and applause.

Attending college, it’s been said, shouldn’t just be about learning to make a living, it should also be about learning to make a difference. This was the message West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhart relayed to the 2023 graduating class at PSC.

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Student Awards: Recognition Day Awards Ceremony

WVU Potomac State College held the 83rd Recognition Day Awards Ceremony earlier this spring during the Annual Weekend of Honors. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni were recognized and presented with various awards.

Mason Belt, a biology major from Ridgeley, WV, was presented with the Morris Organic Chemistry Award by Dr. Roshan Lamichhane, assistant professor of chemistry. This award is named for Jasper Morris, a former professor of chemistry and physics at the College. The student receiving this award must have the highest average in organic chemistry, both in lecture and laboratory, for the two-semester sequence.

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