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How do I apply? 

  1. Apply at
  2. Complete the  2019-20 FAFSA
  3. Apply for admission at WVU Potomac State College

The West Virginia Invests Grant is a state-funded financial aid program designed to cover the cost of tuition and fees for certificate or associate degree programs in high-demand fields for qualifying residents. WVU Potomac State College is participating in the program in 23 different majors :


Business and Economics

Computer Information Systems

Criminal Justice Studies



Technical Studies

You may qualify for a West Virginia Invests Grant if you: 

/  Are a West Virginia resident

/  Have never earned an associate degree or higher

/  Graduated from a public, private or homeschool program, or have  successfully passed a high school equivalency exam

/  Pass a drug screening 

What Does the WV Invests Grant Cover?

West Virginia Invests is a state-funded grant program that covers the full cost of basic tuition and fees for select certificate and associate degree programs at a West Virginia public two- or four-year institution. Priority is given to programs in high-demand fields, such as information technology or healthcare, as determined by the West Virginia Department of Commerce. This is a last-dollar-in program, meaning that it will pay for any amount up to the total cost of tuition and fees that isn't already covered by other state or federal grants or scholarships.  

The maximum award amount is limited to the total cost of basic tuition and fees charged to all students, regardless of program, minus other grant or scholarship aid. Certain programs charge additional fees to cover equipment and supply costs and other necessary expenses. These fees, along with the cost of textbooks and other course materials, must be paid by the student if other forms of financial aid are not available to offset these costs.

How Do I Learn More?

Check out the West Virginia Invests Grant website for more information.