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MDS major lets students design their own program at Potomac State

Not sure what you want to major in because you’re interested in several different areas of study?  No problem.  West Virginia University Potomac State College’s new two-year associate degree in multidisciplinary studies (MDS) benefits students by allowing

The flexible curriculum of multidisciplinary studies, which is a combination of three minors, enables students to design their educational program of study.  This customization provides them with comparatively broad career options in diverse fields such as education, journalism, law, biotechnology, and computers to name a few. 

West Virginia University Potomac State College now offers the MDS major at the associate level.  Students can then transfer to the Morgantown campus to complete their bachelor’s degree in MDS. 

 “The reason I switched my major to multidisciplinary studies is because as an undergrad I had many different interests, yet felt like I was being boxed in with just one major.  Being able to funnel those interests into one major was incredible.  The interdisciplinary connection of my three minors – communication studies, leadership studies and history, all worked together to prepare me for law school.  In my case, one of the values of earning a MDS major is being able to synthesize information in order to effectively advocate for my client,” stated Stephen Scott, who graduated from WVU with a bachelor’s degree in MDS, and will graduate with a law degree (also from WVU) this May. 

The MDS major is for students whose educational goals go beyond a single degree program, enabling them to specialize in multiple disciplines while it also prepares them for employment, or for graduate study in many different areas. 

For more information about the MDS major or other majors, contact Enrollment Services at 304-788-6820, or at or visit the website at  

Potomac State College is part of the WVU System and is located on the Keyser campus.