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Behavior Intervention Team

What is the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)?

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a tool to assist in providing a safe living and learning environment for faculty, staff and students. Representing a cross section of college departments, support, intervention, warning/notification and response. The team then deploys college resources and resources of the community and coordinates follow-up.

When do I refer someone to the BIT?

If danger is imminent, always call 911.

Contact BIT if you experience concern about the well-being or safety of a WVU/Potomac State College student or any other person affecting the PSC community (including faculty, staff, parents, spouses, family members, and persons not affiliated with the campus) and are unsure about how to intervene or address the situation.

Some examples include:

Individuals are expected to use their judgment as to what should be reported, erring on the side of over-reporting, when in doubt.

How to Contact BIT?

CALL 911 if violence is imminent or is occurring.

For non-emergencies you can email us at  with the following information:

You may also contact the University Police by telephone at 304-788-4106 or by email at  and/or you may contact the Acting Dean of Student Life at 304-788-6995 or at  ls .

Referrals are reviewed during regular business hours when the College is open (typically Monday - Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm). Please note submissions are not monitored 24/7.

If this is an emergent situation or an immediate threat to self or others, please call 9-911 (on campus telephone) or 911 (cellular or off campus telephone).

What happens after I contact the BIT?

A BIT member will contact you, usually no later than the next business day, to gather additional information about your concern.