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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center staff provides limited medical care to students for acute illnesses and minor injuries Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4 PM. No appointment is necessary for the initial visit however an appointment is recommended for follow-up visits. 
Most services rendered at the Student Health Center are free, unless there are costs associated with vaccines. The Student Health Center is available to students from August until May; it is closed during the summer.

The telephone number for the Student Health Center is 304-788-6913.

Students should call 911 for medical emergencies.

Students who become sick or injured when the Health Center is closed are advised to seek medical attention from their primary care provider or at Potomac Valley Hospital Emergency Department 304-597-3580.  

Notes: Due to liability reasons College personnel are not permitted to transport students to off campus appointments or to the hospital. The staff will work with you to make arrangements to get you where you need to be, whether it is by ambulance, friend, family or taxi.

Students are encouraged to discuss any absences from class with instructors; Health Center staff are not permitted to provide medical excuses for absences from class.



Cherise Southerly, RN, BSN--College Nurse 
A. Saweikis, M.D. -- Medical Director

Click on the following link for other health and wellness resources:


Potomac State College students are not required to have health insurance however we strongly encourage it. 

Protection against medical expenses that may be incurred as a result of illness or accident while in college is the student’s responsibility. Students are responsible for paying all medical costs incurred at off-campus medical facilities.

All students, including international students, are encouraged to establish a health insurance carrier before arriving on campus.

Student-athletes are responsible for their own medical insurance coverage for injuries incurred during athletic participation. The state’s insurance policy is a secondary plan. Any remaining balances after the primary and secondary plans have been applied are the sole responsibility of the student-athlete. 

What are my health insurance options if I don’t have health insurance?  Check with your parents to see if you may be covered under their insurance plan – most children are eligible to be covered under a parent’s health insurance plan until age 26.  Or, you can check out other options on the healthinsurance exchange at  

Medicaid is only accepted by health care facilities in the issuing state.