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Communication Systems

Staying Connected

Text Alert Systems

PSC Emergency Alert System

Potomac State can now send urgent news to your cell phone. To sign-up for Potomac State Emergency Alert please go to the following link and fill out the registration form:

If you experience any problems you can call the ITS Help Desk at (304) 293-4444 or email them at .

PSC Housing & Residence Life Updates

Students also have the option to receive updates and information directly from the Office of Housing & Residence Life. We will send alerts when school is closed due to inclement weather or if there is an emergency on campus. To sign up for these Housing updates, text @pscres to 81010. You may unsubscribe at any time by texting “unsubscribe @pscre” to the same phone number.

You may also receive Housing & Residence Life messages via email by simply sending an email to .

Please note: There may be a fee from your carrier associated with sending and receiving text messages, but PSC does not charge for this service.

The Housing & Residence Life Update system is completely separate from the University wide “PSC Emergency Alert” system.

Sending & Receiving Mail

U.S. mail is delivered directly to the Student Union Monday through Friday and is placed in student mailboxes daily. If you receive a package, you will be notified by a delivery slip being placed in your mailbox. Packages may be picked up at the times posted on the Mail Room door. Mail may be picked up from mailboxes at any time, but packages may only be picked up when the mail room is staffed during the posted hours.

Mail from College offices is collected from and distributed to the Student Union, including residence halls, postage free. You should receive your mail without delay if it is addressed as follows:

Student Name105 Fort AvenuePSC Box # ____Keyser, WV 26726 

Residence Hall Network Services

West Virginia University recognizes that technology is an integral part of students’ lives and academic pursuits. Our residents can easily connect to the Potomac State College residence hall network, which provides access to the Internet and the University’s technology resources. Additionally, a wireless network is available to residents in University Place. Residents in other halls may purchase their own wireless router if they want Wi-Fi in their room. For more information, including our acceptable use policy, hardware and software requirements, wireless hotspots, and security tips, please visit the ResNet website at or call 304-293-4444. For information regarding computer service and repair, anti-virus software, computer purchasing, etc., please visit the Computer and Technology Support Center website at

Telephone Services

Each room on campus is equipped with a phone jack that any standard analog telephone will work with. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a phone if they would like one. Basic local calling is free but if students want to call long distance they will need to provide their own long distance service like a calling card.

If you are unsure of your room phone number, you may contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life. You may also pick up in the office instructions on how to set up voicemail and use various features of the residence hall phone system.


WVU provides all students living in dorms an incredible HD cable tv content package. To make sure you can take advantage of this fantastic service, keep these things in mind for move-in:

- To enjoy HD cable television in your residential rooms, you must have an HD tv with a digital tuner either built in or as a separate unit.

- Not all HD tvs have a built in digital tuner, and some older ones that do won’t work with the newest cable systems.

- Old-style CRT (tube) tvs will not work with these new digital HD services.

- If your tv does not have a digital tuner built in, or is an older model that is not compatible with the system used by WVU, we recommend two options: the ChannelMaster CM-7003 (available at Walmart and Amazon) or Pico Digital HD 2 (available online from multiple vendors).

- Make sure to bring a coax cable if you have to purchase the standalone digital tuner. We provide one coax cable to each student, but you need an extra one to connect a standalone tuner to your tv.

If you run in to any problems, such as loss of service or channel availability, contact College Cable Services at 1-888-467-9004

For more detailed instructions and information, please visit:

WVU Portal

The WVU Portal is a web platform for WVU & PSC students and faculty. It will provide e-mail addresses for all students, serve as a centralized location to register online for classes, receive housing information, check grades, find out about current campus events, chat online with classmates, and receive messages targeted directly to them. The Portal is a digital tool to make communication easier for all members of the WVU community - both faculty and students. It is accessible from anywhere a user happens to be, at any time of the day or night. 

Once admitted to the College, the WVU Portal will be used as an official means of communication. If you do not have access to a computer in your room, there are several computer labs on campus (academic halls, and the library) that will allow access to MIX. There are times where the only way you may receive important information is through your email account. You are responsible for reading and responding to all communication sent to you by the College. Check your email at least once a day. For more information on your  account visit: / . Additional questions or technical support inquiries must go through the OIT Help Desk.

ITS Help Desk

Information Technology is available during business hours to answer any questions you may have pertaining to common computer, network, or technical problems. They are also available to assist you with questions about the many online university resources that you may be utilizing.

The Help Desk can be reached by calling 304-293-4444 or by emailing .