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Playing it Safe

You and other residents will enter and leave your hall many times each day. With all of this coming and going, you must take steps to protect yourself and your property. It is your responsibility to read and understand the safety and security precautions described in this section. As you read this section, and throughout the next year, keep in mind that these policies and procedures were developed with your personal safety in mind. When you choose to disregard the common sense precautions we have outlined, not only do you jeopardize your own safety, you also threaten the safety of other residents. Questions about safety and security may be addressed to your RA, RHC, or housekeepers.

Staff from the Office of Housing & Residence Life make every effort to ensure that your living environment is safe and secure. Our efforts, however, cannot be successful unless you work with us. Become acquainted with the people on your floor and in your building. Learn the names of everyone so that you know who lives with you. If you notice someone who does not belong on your floor, notify a staff member. To help protect your property we ask that you:

Please take time to get to know the officers of the University Police Department and make sure you sign up for the emergency text alert system.

In accordance with the housing contract, Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to inspect all areas of a student’s room if there is information that indicates University policies are being violated or if the condition of the room is thought to present a health and safety concern.

Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to initiate administrative moves made in the best interest of the residential community. Also, roommates who cannot resolve issues or come to a mutual understanding may be administratively moved to different rooms, floors, and/or residence halls.

The residential student conduct process is designed to be educational and encourage responsible behaviors. It is expected that residents/students and their guests do not allow themselves to be present for situations that may potentially disrupt the larger residential community. If you or your guest(s) are present for policy violations, or violations occur in your assigned room, you will typically be held responsible for the violations, and appropriate behavioral plans will be imposed. It is expected that students will immediately separate themselves from policy violations, and report violations to appropriate staff members. If information supports that students or their guests are aware of a policy violation(s) and fail to report the incident and immediately separate themselves from the situation, students will most likely be found responsible for the alleged policy violation(s) and the minimum behavioral plans outlined in this section will be imposed.

Heightened Security

For your safety during certain events or time periods the residence halls may be placed under increased security measures. During this heightened security, visitors will not be permitted in the building, all exterior doors will be locked, and all residents must enter through the main door and present their Catamount Student ID Cards for admittance.