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Room Condition & Maintenance

Since most students share a room, it is best to discuss decorating plans with your roommate before packing many large or nonessential items such as rugs, stereos, plants, and televisions. You should receive the name and address of your roommate along with your room assignment — this information is available by accessing your STAR account.

Room furnishings differ somewhat in various halls. All rooms include study desks and chairs, dressers, wastebaskets, and twin beds with extra-long mattresses (36 x 80 inches). Some rooms cannot easily accommodate any more furniture that what is already provided in the room.

You are encouraged to express your individuality and creativity when personalizing your room. However, please keep in mind that all modifications to your room must comply with maintenance and safety standards.

Room Condition Reports (RCRs)

When you check into your residence hall, you will be asked to complete a Room Condition Report. It is important that you fill this out thoroughly. It is used to assess any damages that occur in your room during the year. You and your roommate(s) are each required to complete separate RCRs before you will be given your mailbox key for the year. It is important that you review this form for accuracy and completeness. Do not begin personalizing your room until you have reviewed this form.

Your submission/signature on the room condition report indicates that you fully agree with the condition of your room as stated. You will also be required to fill out a new form if you should change rooms during the year. Remember, you will be held responsible for keeping your room and room furnishings in good condition and will be assessed charges for any missing furnishings and/or damages.

Because the University does not accept liability for damage or theft of personal property, we recommend that you either carry your own personal property insurance or determine if property loss is covered by your parents’ homeowner’s policy. It is a good idea to put proper identification on all your valuables. Call the University Police Department (304-788-6931) and ask for information on “Operation ID.”

Health & Safety Room Inspections

Staff from the Office of Housing & Residence Life make periodic, unannounced checks of all residence hall rooms. A residence hall staff member who is responsible for identifying health, safety, and maintenance problems performs the inspections. As a member of the hall community, you share the responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe living environment by adhering to the established standards. With your cooperation, we can ensure that your home for the next nine months is a safe and pleasant place to live.

Maintenance Requests & Work Orders

Maintenance and Housekeeping staffs work together to keep the residence halls safe and clean. In the event something needs to be repaired, you can get assistance by submitting a work request online. The link for this work request website can be found on the back of each residence hall room door. If an emergency exists (floods, power outages, safety hazards, etc.), please contact your RA and/or RHC.

Resident Assistants, University Police, housekeepers, and maintenance staff are not permitted to unlock your door for you if you are locked out. A temporary key must be signed for.

Room Care

Your room should be kept in a condition that does not create a health or safety hazard. This means that paper, clothing, food, and trash are not to be strewn throughout your room. This will help avoid the creation of a fire hazard, growing mildew, and/or the attraction of bugs.

Periodically, residence hall staff members conduct room checks and document any safety concerns and policy violations. In halls that have private or suite bathrooms, these bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis by custodial personnel. To help the staff keep these areas clean, all personal items must be removed to facilitate the cleaning process.

You and your roommate are responsible for making sure your room is a clean and safe living environment. The custodial staff maintains common areas. All residents, however, are expected to do their part in keeping these areas uncluttered, safe, and clean. Trash should not be left in the halls or bathrooms for someone else to clean up. You can help by picking up after yourself and by promptly reporting any damages or maintenance requests to your RHC.

Items Left in Rooms

Residents are required to remove their belongings when they switch or check-out of their rooms. Any items left in resident rooms after the student leaves university housing will be gathered by college staff and either discarded or donated to a charitable organization. There is no storage available on campus and even if a resident is returning to the same room the following semester, each room must be completely vacated at the close of the school year.