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The Return to Campus website continues to have updates about WVU's plans during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit and for health resources related to the global pandemic.


Dear Alumni and Friends of WVU Potomac State College,

Campus is abuzz with new and exciting possibilities! This past fall marked the first semester for:

WVU Potomac State College Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering the traditions and growth of WVU Potomac State College and the connectivity of its alumni.

The alumni association strives to promote a lasting relationship among alumni, students, faculty, staff, administration, and friends of the college through communications and social, athletic, and cultural events of the College.

The association supports WVU Potomac State College's educational mission, preserves its heritage, promotes its advancement, and prepares for the future.

As mentioned above we have a lot happening on campus, and we would love to have you be a part of our journey. Check out some ways you can become more involved with the campus you have loved by following these steps:

For more information please email or call 304-788-6870.